gloHELP is glad to announce that she has just concluded a two (2) year Project on Behavioral Change and Prevention of New HIV Infection through Prevention of Mother – to – Child Transmission of HIV & AIDS (PMTCT) under the review of the Ondo State, Nigeria Agency for the Control of AIDS (ODSACA), a World Bank Supported Project in Nigeria with the following objectives: To create demand for PMTCT Services in 9 Local Government Areas of intervention; to refer 80% of Pregnant Women to Government Health facilities for Antenatal (ANC) and HIV Counseling & Testing (HCT) Services; to sensitization Stakeholders on PMTCT Services and to strengthen linkage between beneficiaries and Government Health facilities within two (2) years. The Organization was able to refer 18,967 Pregnant Women i.e 100.2% of the given target (18,928) before the end of the project. The intervention package was designed to increase the demand for HCT through training of Peer Educators and Strengthening of linkages between Traditional Birth Attendants/Mission Birth Attendants and Government Health Facilities that offer HCT/PMTCT services in the following 9 Local Government Areas of Ondo State, Nigeria: Akoko S/E, Akoko S/W, Akoko N/W, Akoko N/E, Ose, Owo, Ifedore, Akure South and Akure North. The three Intervention packages used for the project implementation were:


Activities carried out includes:

  • Advocacy visit was made to Stakeholders in the 9 LGAs of intervention
  • Review meetings with Traditional Birth Attendants/Mission Birth Attendants (TBAs/MBAs)


Activities carried out includes:

  • Sensitization of Stakeholders from the nine LGAs of intervention including selected Community members and ODSACA representatives on HIV/AIDS with particular reference to Prevention of Mother – to- Child Transmission (PMTCT).
  • Condom Demonstration and Distribution
  • Training of 306 Volunteers as Peer Educators to carry out Peer Sessions with Pregnant Women (Cohorts) and refer them to Government Health facilities for ANC and HCT services in the nine LGAs of intervention.
  • Referral and linkages
  • Peer Sessions with Pregnant Women
  • Peer Review Meetings with Peer Educators


  • HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT)
  • PMTCT Services

GloHELP team and her trained Peer Educators (PEs) are still in the process of referring and
follow-up of pregnant women to access ANC, HCT and PMTCT services to ensure sustainability
of the project. Also, Billboards were pasted in strategic places in the selected Communities to direct and provide information on where to access PMTCT services.

Objectives Achieved:

Demand creation for PMTCT services in 9 Local Government Areas achieved.
100.2% (18,967) pregnant women were referred for HCT and ANC Services.

Sensitization of stakeholders on the PMTCT services achieved

Linkage was strengthened between Government health facilities and the general public.

Success Story: 
Some of the pregnant women that accessed HCT and were reactive were referred for PMTCT
services and have safely delivered HIV Negative Babies. Thanks to HAF II Intervention.

Next Step:

Due to the success recorded in the HAF II Project, the Project has been extended out of which
gloHELP is a beneficiary




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