About Global Help Trust (gloHELP)

In developing countries like Nigeria, majority of the people live below the poverty line. Their living standard is very low compared to other developed nations and also compared to their counterparts in their own societies. This low level of living standard manifests in high maternal/child mortality, poor health, inadequate housing, limited education opportunities, low life and work expectancy and facial sense of hopelessness.
With the view of achieving the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 Global HELP Trust  Foundation, a registered non-Governmental, not-for-profit organization working for the social, economic and political advancement of people through empowerment, access to information and services. All inclusive organization aims at promoting and enhancing the health of rural dwellers, the poor and urban communities through Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS, Education, Housing, Environmental Protection etc.

Mission Statement

gloHELP works for Social, economic,political advancement of people through empowerment, access to information and services.


Core Values

Empathy, Integrity, Transparency , Accountability, Gender Balance


Our Vision

To have a society where people have access to social and economic services for a healthy lifestyle.

Aims and Objectives
•  To enhance and promote basic health of rural dwellers, the poor and the less privileged. Provide reproductive health and   HIV/AIDS education, promotion of family health, reduction of child/maternal mortality.
• To protect the environment from hazards detrimental to survival and human development, conservation of biodiversity.
• To provide formal and informal/vocational education to the under privileged Youths and Women.
• To promote peace, understanding and human security in conflict and emergency   situations such as flood, wars, accident and natural disasters.
• To alleviate poverty and empower grassroots communities for maximal utilization of renewable natural resources and agriculture.
• To educate, protect and guide rural dwellers towards getting value for land i.e. agric land, housing land and other economic uses.
• To Identify and provide, care, support protection for orphans and vulnerable children in the rural and urban communities.
GLOHELP fulfills the above objectives through the implementation of variety of programmes including
• Workshops, Seminars and Trainings.
• Awareness,Campaigns, Advocacy, Outreaches, Rallies
• General, Reproductive health and Community Health information
• Media Sensitization.


Donations for most of our activities have been from our Board of Trustees, Donor Agencies, Individuals and Membership.

• Target Contact
• Advocacy activities campaign and visits
• Community participation.
• Workshop/ Seminars
• Media programmes
• Role play, Drama, Songs, Sports.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Global Help Trust Foundation (gloHelp) is made up of experts and professionals that are passionate about improving lives at the grass root level in Nigeria.

Members of the Board of Directors include :

  • Arch. (Dr) J.I Daodu mnla,mnes,mniob,mc/arc  –  Chairman and President,Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) Ondo State Chapter
  • Mrs Uche Daodu – Retired Nurse and gloHelp CEO
  • Dr Aje, Dean of faculty of Quantity Survey, Federal University of Techology, Akure – Member
  • Mrs J E Akerele – Retired Nurse and an Industrialist – Member
  • Dr RM Fashidi, Formal Chief Medical Director, Ondo State General Hospital, Akure – Member
  • Mr OC Ajayi, Federal Ministry of Envirnoment, Akure, Ondo State – Member

 Meet Our CEO

The CEO of Global HELP Trust Foundation Uche Daodu is a trained nurse with many years of experience in community nursing, a health educator who has passion for the poor, the needy and the less privileged in the society.  She is deeply concerned about the poor health status of rural dwellers especially women and children in Nigeria. The acronym HELP stands for Health, Environment, Land resources and Productivity.


GCE ‘O’ Levels, London, State Registered Nurse (SRN) England & Wales, (1980), Nigerian Certified, Midwife (NRM) Nigeria (1984), Health Education (BSc) 2nd Class (Upper Division) 2000.


Member Nigerian Association of Nurses and Midwives, MNAMN, Member United Kingdom Central Council for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting, (UKCC), Member Environmental Management Association of Nigeria, MEMAN/0073, Fellow Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria, ICAP/PF/3049.


King’s College Hospital Dental School (London) – 1year, Toronto Hospital as Staff Nurse Midwife, 1984-1986, Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja with posting to Federal Government College, Enugu as Staff Nurse promoted to Principal Nursing Superintendent, 1986-2003, Federal Government Girls College, Akure, Ondo State, 2003 -2005 as Assistant Chief Nursing Officer, CEO, Global HELP Trust Foundation and Liberty Spirit Foundation (till date), Manager, King Konsult Associates & Envirotek Engineering Consultancies (till date).


  • Prevention of HIV/AIDS among students at Ipe Community Grammar School, Ipe-Akoko
  • Community Mobilization and Sensitization of Youths at Ipe-Akoko (2009/10).
  • HIV/AIDS Education Seminar for Youths at Isua-Akoko, Akoko South-East Local Government.
  • Sensitization Talk and Screening Exercise on Cervical and Breast Cancer for Women (June 2010).
  • Education Grant for 80 Candidates for November/December 2010 GCE ‘O’ Level at Akoko South-East (2010).
  • Welfare and Health Promotion talk to 150 Elderly ones above 80 years old at Akoko South-East Local Government.
  • Empowerment of 4 Widows with fully coupled grinding machine at Akoko South-East local Government (2010).
  • Seminar on “Woman: A Leader, Self-Sustainable” at Isua-Akoko Local Government. A Lecture delivered by the CEO, gloHELP (2009).


  • Recent Drugs in the Treatment of HIV/AIDS, August 2001 in Jos.
  • AIDS/HIV Symptoms and Causes August 2001 in Jos.
  • National Council on Educational Sector, August 2001, Enugu.
  • Recent Trends in Managing STD’s and Skin Diseases, Jos, 2001.
  • General Overview of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.
  • Structuring for Excellence, 2008, Akure by VICM.
  • World Diabetes Day- Diabetes and the School Child.
  • Training Nigeria security and Defence Corps.
  • Allergy: Causes and Treatment.
  • Gender Mainstreaming in Development Planning, Feb. 2010, Ondo State.
  • Gender, Food Security and National Development, July 2010.
  • High Potential Leadership Summit, August 2010.
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