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Your support towards Global Help Trust helps to strengthen and expand our operations which are targeted towards improving the lives of Rural Dwellers in Nigeria.  We require support from individuals, corporate organizations, NGOs and International Agencies.  Irrespective of your nationality, background and experience, we welcome volunteers and donors that are passionate about human capacity development at the grassroots and environmental sustainability.



Some of the major ways of getting involved with Global Help Trust to change lives in Nigeria include:

  1. By being a volunteer for any of our programs.
  2. Through Partnership with us to implement empowerment programs in the rural areas of Nigeria.
  3. Material Purchase is another very strategic way to get involved with Global Help Trust’s activities. If you are too busy to volunteer or partner with us, you can reach out to these needy with materials that can improve their lives. Please contact us to just a detailed list of needed materials.
  4. Cash Donations are also very much welcomed by the foundation. With more funds to work with, we can increase the scope of our operations thus helping us to reach out to more rural communities in Nigeria. To donate cash please contact our office for detailed instructions.
  5. Introduce Global Help Trust to your friends and colleagues.
  6. Become familiar with Global Help Trust’s activities and offer innovative approaches on how to addressing the problems of vulnerable rural dwellers in Nigeria.
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