Our Programmes at Global Help Trust Foundation

One of the objectives of our Organization is to enhance and promote basic health of rural dwellers, the poor/less privileged, provide Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Education, promote Family Health, Reduce Child/Maternal Mortality and Morbidity. We have carried out some Reproductive Health Project on HIV/AIDS, Family Planning and Contraception, Reproductive Health Counseling, Teenage Pregnancy.

Conservation of biodiversity and protection of the environment from hazards detrimental to survival and human development is important to our organization. The effect of climate change is already manifesting such as; changes in wind movement, weather and rainfall patterns, rise in temperature, sea level rise, precipitation etc. In mitigating the effect of climate change on health, our organization has been involved in; environment protection campaign, tree planting, environmental education, anti-pollution initiatives and protection of biodiversity. 

Good governance has been the imminent expectation of Nigerians since the return of democracy in 1999. The citizens desire to be full participants in taking decisions in electing their leaders to enjoy the dividends of democracy such as; employment, good health care etc. In this, our organization has been involved in educating communities on the rights of citizens to participate in election (Right to vote and to be voted for)  to select the capable leader to deliver the mandate.

In attempt to alleviate poverty and empower grass root communities for maximal utilization of renewable natural resources, educate, protect and guide rural dwellers towards getting value for land, Agriculture (cottage farming) has been made to be means of livelihood for the rural dwellers.

Our mission is to improve the health and the socio-economic advancement of the under privileged group in the society through health promotion empowerment and educational support services.

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